June 2017

The world's single largest after-market Connected car implementation

Traffilog have been selected as technology partner by Connected Cars, part of Semler Gruppen, to install technology in 75.000 Volkswagen vehicles in Denmark in 2017 and expected additional 100.000 during 2018. Together, Connected Cars and Traffilog will provide car-owners and car-dealers, rich data to enable a better, safer and more efficient user-experience for Volkswagen drivers.


New client in Iceland

Traffilog has signed a contract with Eimskip - a leading transportation company in the North Atlantic with connections to international markets specializing in worldwide freight forwarding services. With Traffilog they wish to replace their existing fleet management systems and use only one system for all relevant countries starting with trucks, terminal trucks, chassis and subcontractors in Iceland.



May 2017

Video from the Transportation Fair 2017

As usual Traffilog was present at the fair in Herning where we met many of our clients and told other potential clients about our company and solutions. We made a small video which you can watch here:

Link to video.



Oktober 2016

Traffilog Nordic kåret som Gazelle virksomhed

Vi kan med stolthed konstatere, at Traffilog Nordic er blevet kåret som Gazelle virksomhed 2016.

‘Vi er glade over den fremgang og udvikling, vi har haft. En anerkendelse af, at vi har fokuseret på de rigtige løsninger og værdier’, siger Executive Director, Karsten Hjorth. ‘Det er samtidig udtryk for den store entusiasme og innovation, der præger vores virksomhed, og som er en af de væsentlige grunde til vores fortsatte vækst. Kåringen er et stort skulderklap til vores medarbejdere samt de mange gode og loyale kunder, som gennem tiden har valgt os som samarbejdspartner.‘

En gazelle er i det danske sprog blevet synonym med en virksomhed i vækst. Børsen definerer selv en gazellevirksomhed sådan her: “En virksomhed, der i løbet af de seneste fire regnskabsår har haft kontinuerlig vækst i omsætning eller bruttoresultat, og som samlet set har mere end fordoblet omsætningen eller bruttoresultatet i perioden.” Læs mere om gazellevirksomheder her.

Vi er meget beærede over at være kommet med på årets liste over gazellevirksomheder. Her får du et par af vores egne bud på, hvordan det er lykkes os at leve op til Børsens krav.

Vi vil give dig vedvarende forandring
Hos Traffilog Nordic har vi det som mål at levere løsninger, der skaber vedvarende forandringer og positiv økonomisk effekt hos vores kunder.

Vi er innovative
Vores produktudbud står aldrig stille, og vi inspireres meget af at lytte til vores kunders behov og ønsker. Vi ser os selv som en af de mest innovative og avancerede telematikvirksomheder.



May 2016

Traffilog Nordic newsletter

In this newsletter you can read about the new app features and solutions that we have arrived at with your valuable feedback. We believe this product now better responds to the needs and potential situations that can occur in everyday operations. If you are in the passenger transport sector, then in future we have a one stop shop for you.

Read more about our new solutions here.


May 2016

New colleague on the support team

2016, February 1, we had the great pleasure of welcoming Jacob Gade in Traffilog Nordic as a member of the technical support team. We have high expectations that Jacob will contribute to and strengthen our existing very competent Service & Support department, which has already now benefitted  a lot from his skills in for almost 3 months.

Jacob comes with a wealth of experience with regard to service & support tasks, gained through 10 years of employment as Service Technician with Stofa. Jacob takes great pride in serving our customers and is already doing a great job.

Jacob has the following objective “I look forward to being able to help the customers solve their issues and generate the reports they need to optimize their  efficiency.”

During our opening hours, you can get in touch with Jacob by phone on +45 9673 7673 and by mail to Jacob.gade@traffilog.dk.

Jacob Gade_Technical-supporter_small.jpg


February 2016

New International Key Account Manager in Traffilog Nordic

charlotte (003).jpg

It is with great pleasure and anticipation that Traffilog Nordic has recently employed Charlotte Schönemann-Paul as International Key Account Manager.

For nearly two months now, we have benefitted from Charlotte’s skills set as well as her extensive, and comprehensive knowledge of the industry.

Charlotte comes with wealth of experience within the telematics business from previous positions in companies such as Novatel Wireless, TomTom Telematics, and Volvo Trucks Denmark A/S, where she has been engaged within business development, enterprise sales, partner development, and marketing- and strategy planning.

Charlotte looks forward to working with new as well as existing customers in need of business development with focus on operating costs, and stronger management and cooperation within the organization. 

Charlotte is delighted with the opportunity to work with our products and solutions, she is looking forward to welcoming new customers and to keeping a visible profile with our existing customers and co-operating partners.


March 2015

Traffilog Nordic announces exclusive agreement with Idrive

Traffilog, market leader for telematics, and Idrive, leading provider of automotive event recorders, have joined forces to create a unique solution.

The solution is a combination of Traffilog’s driver profiles and experience with road safety on the one hand and Idrive’s mobile event recorder on the other. This solution will allow for greater insight in occurred acci­dents and contribute to preventing accidents on an even larger scale. The learning achieved from the insight can be implemented in accident prevention education, which is crucial for enhancing road sa­fe­ty.

Read more about this unique solution here.


October 2014

Arriva awarded International prize for road safety

Arriva Danmark has won the prestigious Praise Award which is given to companies and public authorities who make a special effort to enhance road safety by implementing initiatives targeted at all employees. 

“Road safety has always been one of the main pillars of public transport; hence we have chosen to lead the way introducing new solutions which can enhance road safety and customer experience, reduce the envi­ron­mental impact, and simultaneously increase the satisfaction among our employees. We have succeeded in this so far, and we will proceed with our work to make sure bus travel stays an attractive means of transport, and Arriva an attractive employer,” says CEO Nikolaj Wendelboe.

Arriva Danmark has developed a road safety policy in cooperation with the Danish Road Safety Council, and has, furthermore, implemented various company specific initiatives such as an internal bus driving champion­ship, own health care bus, alcohol interlocks in new busses, and a so-called “GreenBox” in all busses.

By means of the “GreenBox” technology (delivered by Traffilog Nordic) all events are registered in which hard accelera­tion, sudden breaking and hard cornering occur.  This has provided a clear overview of places where the utilized routes challenge the drivers in particular, which allows for personal feedback to each driver on his or her performance behind the wheel. All these efforts have decreased the number of events from 1.2 million in 2011-2012 to below 400,000 in 2013-2014 – equivalent to a decrease by two thirds.

Read more about the initiatives which Arriva implemented here.

Read more about the Praise Award here.


July 2014

Falck Sirius changes names 

July 1st, 2014, we will be pooling product development, operation, and sales in one corporation; we will at the same time take advantage of this occasion to change product, and corporate names.

Throughout the years Falck Sirius has been a joint product of the cooperation between Falck DK, and North Securities. From now on all activities will be pooled in North Securities ApS, who will be changing names to Traffilog Nordic ApS in this connection; legal registration number, and ownership etc. will remain the same.

One solution for all of Europe

You will not be experiencing any modifications of the hardware and software you already know; however, we can now offer international hauliers and companies one solution with the same identity throughout Europe.

Great improvements in the development and documentation areas coming soon

The cooperation with Traffilog has brought about an even greater focus on development and documenta­tion. In a near future you will have access to new apps, tools for analyses, and a lot of other different solutions.

We look forward to introducing new functions and options to you under the new name Traffilog Nordic.