Sirius in practice
Sirius consists of a G-sensor, a GPS module and a connection to the vehicle's computer. The vehicle information is transmitted via GSM to a web-based software program called Sirius. The system provides information about the position of the vehicle and the driver's driving in real time. We can see for example, engine idle and fuel consumption (when connected to CAN-bus/motor computer). We can see incorrect driving such as hard braking, sharp turns and high acceleration. The LED driver indicator shows the driver the events in real time; experience shows us that this is a very efficient way of improving driving style and changing driving habits.

Intelligent management
With Sirius, you have more than just a fleet management system, but also a smart management tool. Falck Sirius gives you relevant information and discards the unnecessary data in a clear and user-friendly reporting system where you get an overview of driving behavior, fuel economy, driving routes and hours. This information is valuable because it allows you to improve operating efficiency for the benefit of the company and the environment.

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