Sirius Basis

Sirius Basis facilitates your fleet management with the help of access to a simple, user friendly reporting module which provides you valuable information on your fleet’s activities.

Obtain detailed data on your vehicles

Sirius Basis provides you with an effective tool for real-time follow-up of your fleet’s positions on a map, and for ad­mi­ni­stra­tion of working, -and stopping time, and invoicing. Whenever needed, you will have access to detailed replays of driven routes, and be able to pull reports for your documenta­tion of routes, stops, and driven distances. By the means of simple, graphical reports you will have a detailed overview of daily driven routes among others – both across the entire fleet and for each vehicle.

Sirius Basis helps you to prevent idling, save time with driving time records, and, the­re­­by, decrease your operating costs and the environmental impact, and achieve a green profile. With Sirius Basis you also have additional options such as being able to connect to a panic button, PTOs, and door sensors.

Strong reasons why you should choose Sirius Basis

• Sirius Basis provides you with overview of driven routes – based on real-time, - and historical data 

• Free Sirius app for IPhone & Android ensures that you can follow up on your fleet when on the move

• Sirius Basis facilitates invoicing with a tool for administrating working time and stop times. 

• Sirius Basis reduces idling.  

Download product sheet here.