Sirius Plus

Sirius Plus is an advanced fleet management solution designed by Traffilog Nordic. With Sirius, the company’s drivers can cut fuel consumption by between 5 and 10 %. This means that your investment can be recouped in only 6-12 months. Simultaneously the drivers will have access to active support as regards smooth and green driving which means less wear and tear on tires, clutch and brakes. This will reduce the time the vehicles spend in the garage, service costs, and replacements of spare parts. In short with the help of Sirius you will achieve a green profile and optimize your operating costs.

Strong reasons why you should choose Sirius Plus

• Your company will optimize its operating costs 

• The driving style of your company’s drivers will be greener and reduce your environmental impact 

• Your investment will, most likely, be recouped in 6-12 months

• You will reduce damage to your vehicles and the road safety will be improved. 

Download product sheet here.